February 12 | 2012

With Mists of Pandaria on the horizon, Infallible is busy prepping ourselves to tackle the next expansion. Overall, we were very satisfied with our progression in Cataclysm, but we're always looking to improve our roster. We've opened up recruitment for any solid players, regardless of class.

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roster2012paramaddennfl08pccdripogg Since content is now easily on farm, we've been busy entertaining ourselves with 10-mans, GDKPs, alt raids, and etc.. We're also in the process of selling all manner of raiding mounts and achievements from Cataclysm. This includes Tier 11, 12, and 13, and also includes various Meta-achievement and end boss mounts. You can contact any officer in-game or make a post in our public forums inquiring about pricing options.

See you in the Mists of Pandaria beta!

January 16 | 2012

Infallible cleans up Dragon Soul with a Madness of Deathwing kill. We finished this tier as US #7, which marks the highest raiding ranking we've ever achieved. What's even more impressive is that we managed this while still putting in half the time other top tier guilds did - we never raided more than 4 days or 20 hours per week. Try raiding smarter, not harder!

Madness of Deathwing - US #7 kill

January 10 | 2012

Spine of Deathwing was finally defeated. Our sentiments of the fight echo what most guilds have stated - the overall class stacking and repetition over an extremely drawn out encounter made it a very painful process. We're relieved to put this one behind us, and look forward to finishing strong by conquering Madness later this week:

Spine of Deathwing - US #7 kill

December 21 | 2011

Warmaster Blackhorn proved to be pretty easy, so Infallible made short work of him in a matter of days. Now that we've hit the 6/8 wall, we've been eagerly leveling mages and learning Korean - expect a Spine of Deathwing kill soon:

Warmaster Blackhorn - US #9 kill

December 15 | 2011

Infallible tends to skip the heartwrenching 1% wipes and dive right into a kill, and Ultraxion was no exception. The first decent attempt of the night where people learned to press their buttons and we easily destroyed the fight:

Heroic Ultraxion - US #8 kill

December 13 | 2011

An easy fight made even easier with some creative use of mechanics, Hagara goes down in a handful of attempts. This is the part where Blizzard bans us for three to eight days:

Heroic Hagara - US #48 kill

December 12 | 2011

Infallible had an unconventional approach in heroic Dragon Soul for the first week, opting to tackle the much harder Yor'sahj after Morchok easily fell over. Our efforts were rewarded as we snagged an amazing kill before the round of hotfixes nerfed it to the ground. We cleaned up heroic Warlord Zon'ozz afterwards to go 3/8 on Monday.

Unfortunately, we've proven to be really, really terrible at taking screenshots of bosses after we kill them. I feel this is an accurate representation of the Yor'sahj encounter:

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Heroic Morchok - US #16 kill

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Heroic Yorsahj - US #7 kill

Heroic Zon'ozz - US #41 kill

September 08 | 2011

Firelands finished in spectacular fashion. Almost 350 wipes later, and a post-nerf Ragnaros finally dies. The nerf felt a little "too soon" and too severe, but a kill is a kill:

Naturally, we'll complain of the same bullshit that every other guild had to go through to get this boss dead - massive turnover, attendance and connection issues, not being able to maintain the ridiculous class stacking, etc.. Despite all that, we managed a US 12th kill - which is pretty damn respectable for a guild that hardly raids more than 16 hours a week. Speaking of attendance issues - we're recruiting! If you're looking for a baller group that gets things done with a lightweight schedule, feel free to apply.

Heroic Ragnaros - US #12 kill

July 26 | 2011


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The new Majordomo proved almost as easy as the former one; all it took was a few sacrificial lambs and a protection paladin:


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Heroic Majordomo - US #45 kill

July 22 | 2011

Infallible proves it can still get things done, even with certain personnel on vacation. Bonus points if you can guess what the "S" stands for in the screenshot:

Heroic Baleroc - US #32 kill

July 13 | 2011

Mages get to have all the fun playing StarFox, while the rest of us deal with the massive shitstorm retard check downstairs. Somehow the tanks manage to top damage meters; this does not bode well for Baleroc:

Heroic Alysrazor - US #22 kill

July 12 | 2011

Not a great fight for the arachnophobic; nevertheless, Infallible swatted the spider boss pretty easily:

Heroic Beth'tilac - US #33 kill

July 07 | 2011

With our impeccable driving, you'd almost assume our entire guild is full of female asians. Next time, Blizzard needs to make the boss into a Putricide-esque vehicle:

Heroic Lord Ryolith - US #18 kill

July 06 | 2011

The first boss of Firelands falls after a handful of attempts. Pretty odd to have a heroic boss that's easier than its normal counterpart:

Heroic Shannox - US #14 kill

May 04 | 2011

Infallible takes a break from finding new and interesting ways to wipe on farm content to complete the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider achievement, netting us some super cool drakes:

One of our members also put together a montage video featuring all of our first heroic kills for every boss of this tier. It includes ventrilo as well, giving you some insight to our sparkling guild personality, especially during tense dragonslaying moments:

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And it just wouldn't be a complete news post without a recruitment plug! We are, of course, actively seeking more dedicated raiders to help fill our roster out for the upcoming Firelands. Infallible finished Tier 11 with a respectable US #7 ranking, and we also pride ourselves on being the best 4-night-a-week guild in the US, if not the world (we never raid more than 16 hours per week - none of this "extra raids on Sunday during progression" bullshit that a lot of other light-scheduled guilds employ). On the top right of our front page you'll find our more immediate recruitment needs, but we're always looking for exceptional raiders regardless.

If you enjoy raiding the blue bar boss as much as we do, then you'll see us on the PTR for Firelands!

March 07 | 2011

Content cleared! Al'akir was finally downed, and Infallible advances to US #6 in 25-man raiding, with all 13 heroic bosses killed. This tier of content has definitely proved to be pretty exceptional - tons of memorable mechanics and bosses (and bugs!) - so Infallible is eagerly awaiting the Firelands in 4.2.

Also still recruiting exceptional players who enjoy slaying dragons on a real 4-night-a-week schedule.

Al'akir - US #6 kill.